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Fujitsu SP-1425 (25ppm, 4000ppd, A4, USB, Flatbed)

Thương hiệu:
  • Kiểu máy: máy để bàn nạp giấy tự động có tích hợp khay quét phẳng Flatbed A4
  • Khổ giấy: ADF tối đa 216 x 356 mm (8.5 x 14 in.)/ ADF tối thiểu 114 x 140 mm (4.5 x 5.5 in.) / ADF giấy dài 216 x 3,048 mm (8.5 x 120 in.); Flatbed tối đa 216 x 297 mm (8.5 x 11.7 in.), Flatbed tối thiểu 25.4 x 25.4 mm (1 x 1 in.)
  • Độ dầy/Trọng lượng giấy: giấy 52 to 127 g/m2 (14 to 34 lb)
  • Tốc độ quét (ADF, Trắng đen/Thang xám, 200dpi/300dpi, Chiều thẳng, Giấy A4): 25ppm/50ipm
  • Tốc độ quét (ADF, Màu, 200dpi/300dpi, Chiều thẳng, Giấy A4): 25ppm/50ipm
  • Tốc độ quét (Flatbed, Trắng đen/Thang xám/Màu, 200dpi/300dpi, Chiều thẳng, Giấy A4): 4 Seconds
  • Cảm biến hình ảnhCMOS-CIS x 2
  • Đèn chiếu sángR, G, B LED x 2
  • Độ phân giải quang học: 600dpi
  • Khay nạp: 50 tờ (định lượng A4: 80 g/m² /20 lb.²)
  • Cổng kết nốiUSB2.0 / USB 1.1
  • Bảo hành: 12 tháng
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Mô tả
Fujitsu SP-1425 Specifications
Supported operating systems Windows® 10 (32-bit / 64-bit), Windows® 8 / 8.1 (32-bit / 64-bit), Windows® 7 (32-bit / 64-bit), Windows Vista® (32-bit / 64-bit), Windows Server® 2016 (64-bit), Windows Server® 2012 R2 (64-bit), Windows Server® 2012 (32-bit / 64-bit), Windows Server® 2008 R2 (64-bit), Windows Server® 2008 (32-bit / 64-bit), Linux Ubuntu(1)
Scanner Type Automatic Document Feeder (ADF) and Flatbed
Scanning modes Simplex / Duplex, Color / Grayscale / Monochrome
Image Sensor Type Single line CMOS-CIS x 2 (Front / Flatbed x 1, Back x 1)
Light Source R, G, B LED x 2 (Front / Flatbed x 1, Back x 1)
Multifeed detection Ultrasonic Multi-feed Detection Sensor x 1
Document size ADF Maximum: 216 x 356 mm (8.5 x 14 in.)
ADF Minimum: 114 x 140 mm (4.5 x 5.5 in.)
ADF Long paper scanning (2): 216 x 3,048 mm (8.5 x 120 in.)
Flatbed Maximum: 216 x 297 mm (8.5 x 11.7 in.)
Flabed Minimum: 25.4 x 25.4 mm (1 x 1 in.)
Paper weight (Thickness) Paper: 52 to 127 g/m2 (14 to 34 lb)
Plastic Card: Not Support
Carrier sheet: Not Support
Scanning speed (A4, Portrait) (3) ADF Color (4), Grayscale (4), Monochrome (5)
Simplex: 25 ppm (200 dpi / 300 dpi) Duplex: 50 ipm (200 dpi / 300 dpi)
Flatbed Color (4), Grayscale (4), Monochrome (5)
4 Seconds (200 dpi / 300 dpi)
Paper chute capacity (A4 Portrait) (6) 50 sheets (A4: 80 g/m2 or 20 lb)
Expected daily volume 3.000 sheets/day
Background colors ADF: White
Flatbed: Black
Optical Resolution 600 dpi
Output Resolution (7) Color (24-bit), Grayscale (8-bit), Monochrome (1-bit)
50 dpi to 600 dpi (adjustable by 1 dpi increments), 1,200 dpi (driver) (8)
Internal video processing 65,536 levels (16-bit)
Interface USB2.0 / USB 1.1
Connector shape B type
Image processing function Image emphasis, Error diffusion, Dither, Dynamic threshold (iDTC), Static threshold, Advanced DTC, SDTC, De-Screen, Dropout color(Red, Green, Blue, White, None, Saturation, Custom), Automatic color detection, Multi image output, Blank page detection, sRGB Output, Split image, Vertical streaks reduction, Edge Filler, Automatic page size detection
Power requirement AC 100 V to 240 V ± 10%
Power consumption Operating: 16 W or less
Sleep mode: 2.9 W or less
Auto standby (OFF) mode: 0.5 W or less
Operating environment Temperature: 5 to 35 °C (41 to 95 °F)
Relative humidity: 20 to 80% (Non-condensing)
Dimensions: Width x Depth x Height (10) 454 mm x 331 mm x 129 mm (17.9 in. x 13 in. x 5.1 in.)
Weight 4.3 kg (9.5 lb) or less
Included software / drivers PaperStream IP for SP Series driver (TWAIN/TWAIN x64/ISIS), WIA Driver(12), PaperStream Capture Lite, Software Operation Panel, Error Recovery Guide, Presto!TM PageManagerTM(13), ABBYYTM FineReaderTM Sprit(13), Scanner Central Admin
Environmental compliance ENERGY STAR® and RoHS
Included items Pad Unit, AC adapter, AC cable, USB cable, Setup DVD-ROM, Included items Quick Installation Sheet
1. Availability of support may vary depending on region. Some functions may not be available with the Image Scanner Driver for Linux.
2. Long page scanning supports documents with a length of up to 3,048 mm (120 in.) when the resolution is set to 200 dpi or less.
3. The paper weight only applies to using the ADF.
4. Actual scanning speeds are affected by data transmission and software processing times.
5. Indicated speeds are from using JPEG compression.
6. Indicated speeds are from using TIFF G4 compression.
7. Maximum capacity depends on paper weight and may vary.
8. Selectable maximum density may vary depending on the length of scanned document.
9. When scanning at high resolution (over 600dpi), some limitations apply to the size of the document that could be scanned, depending on system environment.
10. Bit of output format indicates the value through the driver processing.
11. Excluding the ADF paper chute.
12. Functions equivalent to those offered by PaperStream IP may not be available with the WIA Driver.
13. Software can be downloaded from the website designated in the Setup DVD-ROM.
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Chi tiết sản phẩm

Chi tiết

Công suất scan (ppd)
4000 tờ/ngày
Tốc độ scan (ppm)
25 ppm / 50 ipm
Khổ giấy scan
Khổ A4
Cổng kết nối
Khay nạp giấy (ADF)
Loại máy scan
ADF & Flatbed

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